Scrubbed and Stocked for Soaping Frenzy 2021

Still chugging after the trials and limitations of 2020, with prayers that everyone else’s biz will also make it through. We’ve stocked up and scrubbed up for the 2021 Winter soaping frenzy, now that the paperwork is just about over. There are a few temporary changes at the online store: The Tea Tree Thieves soap has a switch from Castor to Sweet Almond oil, as a minor component. The rest of the ingredients are unchanged. (You might notice larger sized bubbles, but they’ll still do the trick 🙂 We expect to switch back to the castor oil for the next batch. Rosemary Pomander Hemp soap is temporarily sold out. You can get the same scent in a Comfrey Tea bar while we prepare more of this big favorite. Please keep in your bookmarks. This blog will become our news center, as the social media page goes dormant. Thanks and best wishes to all our loyal customers!