Waiting for Spring

At the Suds Pharm, the spring peepers have braved the cold, gamely making noize since the third  week of February.  They’re right on schedule, but Spring isn’t.  😛   Cabin fever doesn’t stop the soap making, however.   Bars and more bars are being produced for the farmer’s market season.   The most avid suds-fans visit the online store all year round, though.

Every year something new is in the works.   In 2017, the big hit was Cool Night, our minty, charcoal soap.  It’s rocketed up near the top in sales rate.

The 2018 bar is in now in development.  Check out below- the first batch is in the mold – Suds Pharm’s very first true shampoo bar.  A number of our customers have scalp conditions for which they seek a less drying and less irritating cleansing solution.   Several have reported good results using some of our regular soap bars.   This new formula is designed to produce a lower pH,  and more creamy lather than most cold process soaps.  We’re aiming for happier scalp, and less irritation if it gets in the eyes.

new shampoo bars for 2018 , in the mold.


We think it’s going to be a great bar, and hope you all like the super clean scent.  We’re keeping the most fun aspect of this new product a secret for now, dreaming of a cool, trade marked brand.  🙂