Too busy to be an international lawyer too

Suds Pharm has had a busy year experimenting with a shampoo bar, growing new medicinal plants, working the jobs, building new displays and trying to learn how to deal with that European privacy law which apparently affects every website online.  For the time being, we’ve thrown up our hands, and being a little USA business, which shouldn’t have to deal with complex European regulations, we’re firewalling.  Didn’t want to be so inhospitable, because everyone should be able to see the little blogs and businesses online.  This biz really doesn’t want to collect and abuse people’s info.  We just want to make and sell soap.  We hope to be able to figure out how to be adequately protected from outsized governmental penalties for accidental or unintentional privacy infractions.  Till that time comes, we’ve “built a wall”.  Hope to see Europe again sometime.