Happy 2023

First of all, we’d like to thank our loyal customers for continuing to choose our fine herbal soaps. It’s a new year of sudsing and herbalizing, and we hope you stick with us for the fun. There’s a new product added to the online store, the super smooooooth Tsola Bay bar. This scent is mild tobacco bay leaf scent, that has been a hit with the local customers this past year. Two more scents are in the pipeline to be added to the store. The biggest bottleneck is creating suitable pictures for the labels, so we will just use our logo for now so you can enjoy the new bars sooner.

Despite the supply chain issues, and increasing cost of materials, The Suds Pharm has been holding prices down for the last few years. Unfortunately the time has come to reflect some of the increases in our materials and shipping costs. Shipping remains flat rate, so the lowest USPS priority mail price tier applies to all orders. So far, a tracked and insured USPS order shipped by us has never been lost, so we think that priority mail is worthwhile to ensure that your soap arrives safely. Most of our essential oil scented bars will go up to $6.00 per bar by February. Our unscented bars, and a few fragrances will remain at $5.00 for as long as possible.

We soon hope to be producing some useful herbal education in another venue, and will link it up here so that our loyal customers can have access. It’s part of a project to help people maintain their own good health and reduce the need for Big Pharma.

Wishing you many blessings this year!

Comfrey in bloom