A Revised Online Store

We sell our wonderful soaps online using the Square platform, which has undergone a revision (right before the holiday rush, of course). It seems that Square bought Weebly last year and is integrating all the online stores with that platform. We recently got notification that we could migrate my store over to that platform. It looked so easy, but…. surprise surprise surprise, essential things don’t migrate over, like how people pay, and ship, etc. That needed to be reset, and so there are some changes that can’t be edited. The shipping setup disappeared, and it has now been replaced. We’re still keeping the flat $7.00 rate for USPS priority mail. So for all of our remote customers, things are working pretty much as they were.
Indiana customers will encounter some hassles with the store, such as: sales tax is no longer able to be integrated into the price. 🙁
Our local customers can still choose whether to pick up or have the order shipped. As you know, we don’t have a physical storefront with regular hours, and we just figured out how to edit those incorrect hours showing on the store front.  So… when you order, we will contact you to set up a pick up time, or soap drop. If you find the online store too irritating, just look over the products and text an order. We can ring it up in person. Phone and email is right at the bottom of the home page of sudspharm.com . Yes, we WILL find a way to get ‘er done!! Happy holiday shopping!